Why reselling of smartphone is better than REPAIRING!!

“Toote se fir na jude, jude gaanth pad jaaye” is one of the best couplet of Rahim, it is not only applicable to relations but it is also applicable to some gadgets like smartphone and the solution of this is not to repair but is to resale them.

Why repairing your own Smartphone is not a great idea?

  • Repairing your old device costs you a fortune nowadays. The original parts of the devices are priced very high due to which people tend to go for cheaper alternatives which do no good and might not function as good as the original one.
  • Instead of spending money on your old device to get it fixed, selling that device would bring you more money. Sell your old mobile phone to add investment to your new favorite mobile phone.

But now come to an interesting alternative solution to the situation 

Have you ever thought about how much you will benefit if a company provides you a higher amount of your product without any hectic market safari?

  • Instacash provides you a facility at your doorstep in which they pick up your phone from your home.
  • There is instant payment facility. The amount of your mobile phone is directly transferred through e-cash like Paytm or directly into your bank account.
  • Instacash representative also helps you to keep your privacy protected. Instacash helps you to clear all the data left in your mobile for your privacy.
  • Instacash has a key feature of phone diagnosis that helps you to determine all the functional details of your mobile phone and gets you the right deal for it.

How Instacash analyzes your old mobile?

  • The screen calibration test
  • The vibration test
  • The volume button test
  • The hardware button test
  • The earphone and micro USB test
  • The screen auto rotation test

When InstaCash can provide you with so many in just a click, why waste your time repairing your old phone? Why invest money on your old phone again? Sell the old one and get a new one. InstaCash in just 60 seconds.

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