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You can sell your Electronic Equipment like mobiles, laptops, PC to us and get paid in cash at any of our designated collection stores. Irrespective of the condition your devices are of we take them in and offer great value to you. At our collections stores we evaluate the exact price of your gadget and pay you in Cash Instantly. You may also know an approximate value of your device through our online valuator

Locate & Visit ZeroWaste

Visit Gadget Evaluator Section Online, or ZeroWaste Collection Stores that dot the map address cities Use the store locator to know which is the closest one to you.

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Get your old Electronic or Electrical Equipement evaluated for its worth

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Get Picked or Drop off to get paid in cash for your gadgetand that is all!

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Through our Smart Exchange Offers we encourage the ‘Buy One – Recycle One’ concept. The Smart Exchange Offer an innovative solution where in you get an Exchange Credit for your old device which could be used to get discounts on any new electronic item that you purchase from our designated Partner Electronic Show Rooms

Walk in to one of our Partner Stores

Use our Partner Store Locator to search the the one nearest to you

Exchange your old or Discarded Devices

Earn ZeroWaste Smart Credits equaling the value of your gadget.

Redeem ZeroWaste Smart Credits

Use smart credits against new purchases at the electronic showroom

Woohoo! You have succesfully participated in the 'Buy One, Recycle One' campaign to save our mother Earth


Institutions and Corporate companies who have large volumes of Electronic Equipment to dispose off, can avail exceptional deals. If you represent on such organization looking to clear up old electronic stock you may get in touch with us through mail or call us up. A visit by you to our office would be appreciated.

Call us to fix up a Meeting

You may call us on 0141-4232323 or write to us on support@getinstacash.in

Get a quote for your Old Stock

You get the best quotation to get your bulk stocks of Old / Discarded Electronic & Electrical Equipment

Get your Stock Picked Up & Breathe Easy

With the old equipment picked up, you'll be relieved. Now you have precious space at your establishment.

Receive the Certificate of Disposal


To the large electronic chains, we offer services to support trade in practices. Our customized solutions help to establish seamless process at the required locations.

Retail Electronic Chains connect with us

You may call us on 0141-4232323 or write to us on support@getinstacash.in

Receive Bespoke Solutions

Supporting the exact requirements of the retail electronic chain, our services offer practical value trade-in solutions

Trade-in Processes Established

Meeting all parameters,as per the requisite,needs efficient trade-in processes.


We offer our expertise in matters of e-waste Disposal and Legal Compliance. Our knowledge and competence is delivered in a structured way and bespoke solution becomes an asset to institutions, organizations and all stake holders as defined by the E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011.

To manage E - waste, Connect with us

call us on 0141-4232323 or write to us on support@getinstacash.in

Streamline Processes with our Expertise

Drawing up on experience, skills & resources, we guide you through, to put in place legally complaint & efficient processes

Power your Business confidently

With our support your business is now legally compliant and environmentally responsible


When electronic manufacturing production process moves backward it becomes reverse logistics. Our processes and solutions in equipping and helping the Original Equipment Manufacturers to carry out the legal responsibility of erecting environmentally sound management and disposal systems is our most sought after and valuable service.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

call us on 0141-4232323 or write to us on support@getinstacash.in

Responsible Inventory Clearance

All discarded, second equipment’s are picked for responsible recycling, reusing or refurbishing. Fast inventory clearance gives way to boost new sales

Protect Brand & be EPR compliant

The seconds channeled by us into secondary markets help maintain the brand's strong position for quality products in the Original Market.

The lot picked up for reuse, recycle & refurbishing ensures the OEMs to comply the mandatory Extended Producer's Responsiblity.