5 steps you should follow for safe selling of your used mobile phone

Want to buy a new mobile phone? Definitely, you should. Technology is getting smarter every now and then; so you should also upgrade your level to catch up with the world. But, is it enough to buy a new mobile phone? Safe selling of your used mobile phone is equally requisite. There are quite a few things that you have to take care of before handing over your phone to a new user or a company. Definitely, this seems a hectic task to perform but it is as important as protecting your valuables.

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Here we are providing a quick guide to help you to protect your data and maximize the re-sell value of your old phone. Follow the steps to ensure your phone is safe to sell at its best market value:
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Welcome Google Pixel

Here comes the news of the month, Google has waved a goodbye to Nexus by welcoming the all-new Pixel.Google introduced two new inside and out Android smartphones at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. First time ever Google is going to offer a product to the people owning its own (Google’s) hardware and software with an aim to compete with the leading luxury mobile brand Apple and Samsung’s newly launched flagship phones. Pixel is also not unknown by the people as Google has used the name for its premium tablet and laptops in the past.
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Tips To Improve Battery Life of Your Mobile Device


Frustrated with charging your mobile twice a day or more? What to do? Well, it’s not a fault of your device, unfortunately, these days nearly all smartphones are featured with high-resolution screens, powerful processors and perform multi-tasks at a time which suck the energy of your device so fast. Technology in battery sector is not improving as fast as the mobile sector. Most of the devices are packed with lithium ion and lithium poly batteries which are only meant to speed up the charging not to make it long lasting.

To maintain the good health of your smartphone’s battery it is essential to keep it properly charged. That doesn’t mean you keep it charging whole day long.
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