10 handy tips to protect your smartphone this Holi


Holi is around the corner and people get into the festive mood-drenched in colours of all shades. While we all are busy in making all mischievous plans to how to have fun, what to wear and where to party, most of the time we forgot to safeguard our best-loved smartphone, which may, in turn, abandon our hand forever after Holi mishap. Before drifting into that party mode, it’s wise to be precocious to keep your smartphones safe rather than holding your head with regret later. So To escape the trouble of worrying about your smartphone all the time, here are few handy tips and tricks to let your phone survive from the barrage of water that’s about to wash it off this Holi!
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Best camera phones of 2016–17



People are becoming more and more social and photo freaks nowadays. Every day around two billion photos get shared on Facebook alone. It’s never been easier to capture an awesome photo in one go. All you need is a good camera to get a good click, no matter whether you have a good hand in photography or not. These days everyone owns a phone or you can say they are carrying a camera in hand all the time. In recent years, camera technology has improved tremendously in this pocketable device. Smartphone has effectively replaced point and shoot cameras and many have even outperformed them. If you are looking to buy the best camera phone, here we have put together a list of such phones which would definitely delight you by delivering best quality pictures to treasure in your memory diaries.
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Upgrade your smartphone smartly

India is witnessing the huge mobile revolution. Buyers have been served with countless choices to relish the technology with more and more smartphones swamping in the market, however, often with a question lingering back of the mind: Which one is the best value for money phone with high ROI (Return On Investment)? When to sell the old phone?Etc.

Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash


Many such questions form a cloud of confusion. Here we are highlighting few parameters to be taken into consideration before buying a smartphone and to decide the perfect time to sell your smartphone:
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